What Size Radiator Do I Need?

What size radiator do I need?

New build houses are created with heat retention in mind, unlike houses of olden days. Most are now extremely efficient at maintaining temperature and reducing heat loss from the home, which can be very important when working out the size of the radiator that you need. You don’t want to over or underestimate the amount of heat you might need at on the coldest days of the year. Let us at Revive help you with this, but first - you need to understand why it is important.

Before developments in insulation, it was assumed that the larger radiator, the better. But now we have more education and technology, we can see that isn’t necessarily true anymore. Radiator technology has massively improved, with the addition of convector fins and more advanced production techniques among other features. It would be a mistake to buy a radiator that is too big for the room as it would be a complete waste of money and energy, not to mention uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to understand what you require.

The introduction of thermostatic radiator valves (a large range available at Biworld) have also increased the comfort and control of heating as external factors can also have an effect on the warmth in the room, such as sunlight and badly insulated windows. The type of windows you have installed are an important consideration, since if you live in an old house, your windows may be letting out a lot of heat. Ideally, you'd have triple or at least double glazing installed.

There are also some other innovative and interesting ways that people have found to heat their rooms, including electric and tubular radiators. Both a positive addition to smaller rooms such as offices and conservatories where space may be a premium. For each different room of the house you could pick a different style of radiator. You can choose from column radiators or even select a vertical radiator. Designer radiators are also available in a range of different colours to suit your room type.

It’s pretty easy to measure the size of the radiator you may need, by using Revive’s BTU calculator. The results are displayed in kilowatts and British Thermal Units and should be used within the nearest size, for the best possible result. BTU or KW ratings should always be displayed on the product or description, so they should be very easy to find. At Revive we provide specifica-tion sheets to make sure it is clear what you may require. You'll need to put the room dimen-sions into the BTU calculator. When you enter in the figures, you'll see some suggestions as to the right radiator output for the room size. For rooms that you spend a lot of time in, especially for larger rooms such as the living room, it's important to get the BTU requirement for this cor-rect. Getting the radiator size wrong can also have a negative impact on your central heating system and energy bills.

Revive Radiators come in a variety of styles, shapes and finishes. All compact, column or flat panel radiators of course, do a good job of heating any room - but the BTU should be compared, and research should be completed. You need to ensure that not only does the new radiator look great, but it really is the most efficient form of heating for the room you’d like to place it in.

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