Column Vs. Panel Radiators, Changing & Comparing Types of Heating Systems.

Column Vs. Panel Radiators, Changing & Comparing Types of Heating Systems.

Panel radiator to column radiator, easy or avoidable?

As column radiators become increasingly more popular in the UK and beyond, many people are looking to swap out more conventional radiators for the trendier designer radiators of today. Once purely used for function over fashion, radiators weren’t seen as an accessory to a room or something that could elevate its style. Now, with so many types of sizes, shapes, colours and even designer column radiators available, the right radiator is very important.

When you think of a radiator, you might think of one type, white, cast iron radiators, in a corner or under a window. But now they also can be purchased in a variety of styles, finishes and to suit a number of spaces, vertical radiators, horizontal radiators, wall mounted, flat panel radiators, towel rails or floor standing radiators. Various radiators are available from Revive in a range of sizes, just click on the navigation bar above to begin your journey. Of course, function is still important, and your radiator should have the right BTU output for the size of the room. This is to ensure maximum efficiency for your room and overall central heating system at home.

You can use our BTU Calculator to work this out if you’re not sure. But now more than ever people are using this necessity of modern times to get across some of their personality. The humble white fluted panel radiator (which now comes pretty much as standard with convector fins to increase the surface area) is still the most popular type of radiator. However, there can be an issue when the choice is made to replace it. Steel panel radiators and double panel radiators (known for their quicker heat emission) are another great choice for new radiators, as well as the robust and stylist column radiator.

To answer the question, it’s pretty easy to change a panel radiator to any other kind, including a column radiator. Not only is it simple, but this change can completely elevate the style of any room in your home and they’re suited to any kind of style whether classic or contemporary. Take a look at the Revive range, as they come in great finishes such as raw metal. As mentioned previously they come in an array of sizes and configurations so whether you’re upgrading your kitchen, office or living room there will be one that fits for you and give the most efficient and effective level of heat output.

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