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What size radiator do I need?

What Size Radiator Do I Need?

New build houses are created with heat retention in mind, unlike houses of olden days. Most are now extremely efficient at maintaining temperature and reducing heat loss from the home ...

Learn How to Move or Relocate a Radiator

Learn How to Move or Relocate a Radiator to a New Position.

Now how easy it is to move a radiator comes down to a few different things, pipework being the most important.

Choosing the right radiator

Choosing the right Revive® radiator for your home.

Radiators don’t have to be boring and hidden away behind covers. If you have spent all your time, money and effort creating ...

Maintenance for your Revive Radiators & Radiator Valves

Maintenance for your Revive® Radiators & Radiator Valves.

Now that you have purchased and installed your brand new Revive® radiators you will need to know how to look after them ...

Recycle or Rehome your old radiators

Recycle or Rehome your old radiators.

Now that you have purchased one or more of our wonderful Revive® radiators, what do you do with your old radiators?

Top five radiator problems

Top 5 Radiator Problems, Common Problems & Issues With Radiators.

Sometimes with wear and tear, it’s just time for a new radiator. As summer approaches it might be the perfect time ...

Column Vs. Panel Radiators

Column Vs. Panel Radiators, Changing & Comparing Types of Heating Systems.

As column radiators become increasingly more popular in the UK and beyond, many people are looking to swap out more conventional radiators ...